The Top 3 Best Cat Window Perch and Cat Window Hammocks for Your Playful Furbabies

Emily Johnson, Contributor Updated: Mar 28th, 2022

As pet owners, wanting the best for your fur babies comes as an easy choice. So in your quest for the best cat window perch and cat window hammocks, you’ve probably already wondered which product is the best. Fortunately, our team of pet owners and pet product enthusiasts share the same mission as you – finding window hammocks for cats that are worth the buck!

We spent days thoroughly reviewing hundreds of cat window perches and cat window hammocks. With the help of cat experts, we were able to find 3 impressive, highly-recommended products and we’re sharing them in this review. 

But first… how did we come up with a criteria? 

Finding cat window hammocks for our favorite furbabies was no easy deal. To help us filter through the fluff, we asked the recommendations of pet product experts and cat care enthusiasts. 

From our discussions, we were able to come up with 4 non-negotiable criteria when it comes to choosing the best cat window hammocks for your pet. Not a big fan of wasting your money on hammocks for cats that don’t really do anything? Take note of these factors! 


Since this is a product that will be hanging on windows, it’s important to choose one that is stable, and has suctions that can keep the hammocks up reliably. Look for suction designs that are firm enough to handle the hammocks and your fluffy cats. 


The hammock is not only their place for play but their place for resting. Find a cat window hammock that provides a design that can deliver 100% comfort for your lounging cat. 


The hammock should not just be a hammock. Choose a design that includes other features such as a scratching board!


Experts recommend avoiding excessive strings or threads that might entangle your cats and cost them their safety. Choose a safe design that doesn’t get in the way of your cat’s fun. 

Out of all the cat hammocks recommended, these are the top 3 options that stood out!

“This may look simple, but it delivers the best care for pets!” George, cat store owner. 

Indeed, design-wise, the KittyCradle didn’t tickle our fancy. But what it lacks in the aesthetics department, it absolutely compensates with reliability. 

The KittyCradle is both a comfy and strong hammock. This minimalistic cat window perch can carry up to 17.5 kilograms of weight. If you have multiple cats, this is one of the most practical choices to get! 

You can conveniently add this to any flat surface – walls, glasses, fiberglass, metal walls. The suction of the KittyCradle can durably hold up this hammock. 

The lounging space for the KittyCradle can accommodate any material – a foam, a fluffy fleece blanket, even a basket! 

Because of its easy, simple design, the KittyCradle is one of the hammocks you can conveniently bring while traveling. If you’re going on a road or RV trip with your cats, this is a must have! 

The material of the KittyCradle is a hybrid of nylon and polyester – you can be assured your hammock can last for a long, long time. 

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“This special hammock makes me feel like our cats are royalty.” Andrew, cat care expert. 

The PawPeek does not skimp on providing the best features for your cats. 

At first glance, the very thing that will catch your attention is its unique design – the PawPeek comes with two deluxe hammocks. These two beds allow your cat to be creative in whichever hammock they choose to enjoy. 

If you have multiple cats, then the PawPeek is also a great option. It can accommodate up to 3 cats, and can carry a cumulative weight of up to 20 kgs! 

One thing we also love about the PawPeek perch hammock is how easy it is to install. If your previous hammocks gave you a headache, the PawPeek won’t. It’s 100% a breeze to install. The hammock can be set up in just 10 minutes. 

The PawPeek comes with really strong suctions that can handle heavy cats well. Your cats falling off will be the last one of your problems. 

The material of PawPeek is 100% cat-safe. It’s scratch-resistant, cozy, flexible, and durable enough to stand the rowdiness of your little kitties! 

If you are looking for a cat hammock you can trust when it comes to comfort and durability, we highly suggest you to snatch some PawPeek while you can. 

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"Very Good"

“Out of all the cat window perch and window hammocks I tried, this is the only product that gives me assurance that it can handle my cat well…” Gen, Cat Owner

Are you done with cat hammocks that cause your cats to fall and hit the ground hard? Most cat window perches in the market come with a suction that has a whopping 28% fall out rate! Not a very pretty fact. 

What we love about the KicchiKit is its improved suction. The powerful suctions can eliminate air reliably – the fall out rate of the KicchiKit is only at 5%. We give this a high rating for the peace of mind it gives to cat owners. 

Apart from its safety features, the KicchiKit’s design is also downright adorable. The cute cat hammock includes a scratching post that your cats can play with when they’re bored. 

When it comes to providing comfort for your pet, KicchiKit delivers quality. The hammock features a sloped design that accommodates natural curves of your cat well. Your pets won’t feel stiff or uncomfortable while they enjoy the view of the outdoors, or while they’re basking in the sun. 

If you’re looking for a safe and cute cat hammock for your little fur babies, we highly recommend the KicchiKit! 

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"Very Great"


Cats are playful animals. However, us pet owners can sometimes be so occupied that we forget to bring them outside. Give your cat a taste of the outdoors even while they are stuck at home with the help of the best cat hammocks and cat window perches. Our recommendations above are the most trusted in the market, so make sure you don’t miss them!