Review: Automatic Cat Feeder - We Ranked The Most Popular Pet Feeders in the Market

Emily Johnson, Contributor Updated: Mar 28th, 2022

You’ve been browsing the internet for days because you want to get your hands on the best cat feeder there is in the market. You’re looking for an automatic cat feeder that can satisfy what you need for your pets – easy to operate, reliable in feeding your pets, and worth every penny you spend. However, you’re stuck – you are not sure what to get or which product to really put your attention on. 

Fortunately, a group of cat lovers teamed up to help us come up with a list of the best automatic cat feeders to buy in 2022 that will give you a bang for your buck. Read on to know more of these products. 

What to Find in an Automatic Cat Feeder and How We Decided

Now comes the important part – how did our team of reviewers come up with the best automatic pet feeders? Simple – we let the experts join us! 

We did not only review independently, we also got veterinarians, pet care experts, and pet lovers to help us in coming up with a decision. Out of all their impressions and recommendations, here are a few factors that stood out. 

Automatic Cat Feeders Should be Simple and Reliable

Since you are relying on the cat feeder to make sure your pets are well fed even while you’re away, it’s essential to make sure that you can trust that the machine will do its job to bring food when needed. Make sure to look into its operations – it should be simple enough so you can always get the settings right. 

It Should Be Capable to Feed Pets For Multiple Meals

Have peace of mind even if you’re away, especially when you have a cat feeder that can cater up to 6 meals for your pets. 

It Should Come with Extra Settings That Will Allow You To Set Flexible Feeding Schedules

Automatic cat feeders should also come with settings that allow pet owners to conveniently set a feeding schedule that works for them and the feeding time of their pets. 

It was a tough batch to review, but we were able to come up with 3 automatic feeders that will surely give you a feeling like you have just gotten the best investment for your pet! 

Are you looking for an automatic pet feeder that will also serve as your extra pair of eyes in making sure your pets’ tummies are kept fed and full? We highly recommend the PetServ.

What makes PetServ a cut above the rest? This automatic cat feeder comes with a scheduling system, and a feeding setting that helps you set the amount of food that will be poured onto your pet’s bowl. 

We love its sleek design, but the PetServ is not just about its looks. It can be automatically programmed using a smartphone. This feature allows owners to monitor if the pets have been served their goodies, if the portion is too much or too little, or if the schedule is right for their pets. 

The PetServ is a great automatic feeder for both small and big pets – you can change the portions and the frequency in one touch of a button. The practical design of the PetServ also makes the device safe around pets, and young kids. 

All in all, this device can set up to 4 meals a day, with a programmable food portion. 

You can stay out without worrying about your pet – all thanks to the PetServ!

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Are you going out for several hours and you aren’t sure when you’re going back? Is the thought of your pet missing its meals enough to make you feel unfocused on what you need to do? Well, you won’t have to feel that anymore – AloFeed can be your partner in saving your pet from missing their meals. 

The AloFeed is an impressive automatic cat feeder – the device can store up to 15 cups of pet food. The automatic scheduling system for feeding that comes with this device allows you to pre-set meals four times a day. You can also be assured that each serving comes at an appropriate size that helps make your pets feel extra full. 

One of the most adorable features of the AloFeed is its crystal clear voice recording and playback features. You can record up to ten seconds of voice message for your pets so they won’t have to feel like they’re eating without you. This feature immediately puts your pet at ease. 

The materials used for the AloFeed are also 100% safe for your most special furbabies! 

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Are you looking for an automatic cat feeder that actually does its job and gives you more confidence that your pet is well taken care of even if you’re away? If you’re on the lookout for a device like this, you definitely need to check WhiWhisk. 

The WhiWhisk is a high-capacity automatic cat feeder that features up to 4.5 liters of food capacity. This cat and dog feeder can also store food for the long run. Within a day, you can  pre-set up to 4 feeding schedules so your pet won’t ever miss a meal. 

This automatic cat feeder comes with a sloping design to ensure food won’t get stuck and get in the way of your pet’s feeding schedules. The device also comes with a manual mode if you want to do the feeding yourself when you’re at home. 

The WhiWhisk also includes a voice recording option that captures your voice, and plays it whenever you need your pet to hear it. Your voice will automatically help your pet be in the mood for food! 

The WhiWhisk definitely is a product that brings bang to your buck! It’s a great gift for you and for other doting pet owners. 

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Our dogs are special – and they need special care. Giving them enough food can not only feed them physically, but can help sharpen their brains, and their emotional attachments to you. Make pet feeding great, and simple. Our top recommendations for automatic pet feeders can help you make pet care easy breezy.