2022 Top 3 Best Elevated Dog Beds for Your Fur Babies

Emily Johnson, Contributor Updated: Jan 8th, 2022

If you’re a pet owner, looking into getting elevated dog beds is highly recommended. The benefits of elevated beds for dogs aren’t just limited to old and sickly dogs. In fact, every dog can enjoy the benefits of elevated dog beds. If providing comfort to your pets is on your list, treating your furbabies to a bed that is more comfortable and safe should be a priority.

Elevated dog beds – also known as raised dog beds – are specially designed beds that provide more ergonomic and sturdy support for your pets whenever they need to lie down and take a rest. Traditionally, dogs sleep on the floor. But it’s found out that when pets sleep on the floor for a long time, they become prone to orthopedic pains. Older dogs are also prone to feeling more pain from hip dysplasia, arthritis, and structural ailments. Giving your dogs a raised bed can provide them with more comfort, alleviate pain, and prevent further damage to their bones.

Best Elevated Dog Beds

Editor's Pick

There’s no such thing as dogs who are too fancy. Your dogs will not just like the LoftyCrib – they will adore this extra – but really needed! – elevated dog crib. The LoftyCrib can help your dog feel like you’re treating them like royalty.

The impressive thing about LoftyCrib is that it is 100% versatile. You can use it indoors, you can use it while you’re outside. It’s foldable feature saves you from worrying about losing a space for your pet’s furniture again. Open it when needed, and fold when not used.

LoftyCrib is known for its durability – it can cater to dogs of any size! The bed is made from Oxford Nylon – a breathable, comfortable material that lets your pets sleep well without the discomfort. With this bed, your pet can be saved from the discomfort of heat, moisture, insects, pests, and hard surfaces.

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Editor's Pick

Cool PawTent is the ideal choice for pet owners who are always on the go. If you’re an adventure-junkie and you always bring your pets with you, this is a great investment. When you’re outside, it’s better if your pets are also as comfortable as you are. Cool PawTent is a handy elevated dog bed you can easily bring outside. It’s a low-maintenance, fuss-free, easy-to-assemble raised bed for dogs. It’s like giving comfort to your dog without the struggle.

Cool PawTent prevents your dogs from being exposed to bugs and insects on the ground that could cause them major discomfort. One of the advantages of the Cool PawTent is it’s collapsible and does not take a lot of space off your car or van. While you’re outdoors, you can sleep well knowing your pets are also resting well.

Cool PawTent works just as amazing indoors.

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Say hello to pure comfort for your beloved furbaby! The PupperBed is every pet owner’s dream for their beloved dog. If there’s such a thing as giving your dogs the cloud to sleep on, this would make it a reality. PupperBed is just equivalent to fluffy comfort!

The PupperBed is designed to offer sturdy support for your pets whenever they need to lie down and sleep. The bed is made from breathable high-density polyethylene – your dogs won’t have to deal with feeling hot, uncomfortable, and sticky. The bed is supported by a durable powder-coated steel frame that makes the bed ideal for pets of all sizes.

The ultimate promise of the PupperBed is comfort. Not only does it promote quality airflow, the bed is also designed to eliminate pressure points that could be hurting your pet’s joints. If your joy is seeing your pet rest well, the PupperBed can deliver that.

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Elevated dog beds may feel like they’re an unnecessary pet furniture, but they’re the difference between pain and discomfort for your pets. As we tested each bed with dogs, they could not help but fall in love with the comfort and convenience of these elevated dog beds. Pets can’t always voice out their pain and discomfort, but they deserve a place to sleep where they can get the best rest they can.

Unlike pillows, blankets, and improvised dog beds made from baskets, these elevated beds are designed by experts to provide the most ergonomic, most reliable support to remove pain and discomfort out of your pet’s sleeping sessions. These raised beds for dogs are an extra investment, but they can benefit the health and wellness of your dogs – an investment that’s worth it!

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