The Best Dog Ramps in 2022 - Number 1 Is The Best for Pets of All Sizes

Emily Johnson, Contributor Updated: Jan 12th, 2022

As a caring pet owner, you made it a habit to invest on essentials that enhance safety and care for your furbabies. Your latest hunt  – the best dog ramps. You are 100% eager to find the best dog steps ramp that can lessen the pain and pressure on your pet’s joints, but you’re not yet sure where to start. The safety and comfort of your pets lay on the line; you simply have to find the best. 

If you’re here because you want to find out the best dog ramps for your pets, you have come to the right place. 

We’ve asked pet care experts and veterinarians to help us choose the best out of the 20 best-selling dog ramps in the market. Out of all the products we put to the test, these are the top 3 picks that stood out. 

First – How Did We Decide? 

As pet owners ourselves, we know that choosing products for our furbabies should take research. We simply have to find the best! 

We understand how hard it is to browse the web for hours, only to end up feeling unsure on what to really buy. 

This is why we asked vets and pet care experts to review each product based on these criteria: 

Dog Ramp Design

The design of the dog ramp should be made in a way that makes each step of your dogs and cats easy and more comfortable. We specifically looked for dog ramps that help your pets navigate higher spaces with ease. 


One of the struggles of owners of bigger pets is that some dog ramps are not durable enough to hold up their pets. We made sure that we only recommend products that can also cater to bigger dogs. 

Safety Features

Dog ramps are known to amp up safety for dogs. We made sure that we check the side railings, the holders, the foundation, the steps to ensure the ramps won’t pose a danger for your pets. 


Pets have fun both indoors and outdoors – that’s why we looked for dog ramps that can easily be folded and carried anytime, anywhere. 

Here are the most top-rated dog ramps that made it to our list. 

Why We Love It

Safety is seen in the very design of DoggoPoggo. The dog ramp comes with rubber slip foundation that prevents the ramp from moving, or becoming wobbly while your dog is using it. 

The DoggoPoggo may only have one straight platform, but it’s safe for dogs to use thanks to its high-grip traction that prevents dogs from slipping. This traction is similar to skateboards and truck beds which help prevent people from falling and slipping over. The same traction also bolsters pets up so they won’t have to exert too much effort climbing up. The material used for this dog ramp is absolutely easy to clean! 

The DoggoPoggo is also our best pick for pet owners who are always traveling. The foldable dog ramp is space-saving – you can easily fold it and store it in your cars. The ramp includes a latch which prevents the ramp from opening up accidentally. 

This lightweight dog ramp can carry dogs up to 200lbs. It is designed for dogs of all sizes. This dog ramp also works for dogs who have mobility issues. Both the traction and the side railings in this dog ramp assists dogs who might have issues climbing up high spaces. 

Best Picks For: 

  • Pet owners of both small and big dogs. 
  • Dogs who are always brought during travels. 
  • For dogs who are elderly, or who might have mobility issues. 
  • Pet owners looking for space saving dog ramps. 
  • Those searching for easy-to-maintain dog ramps.

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Why We Love It

As pet owners, you know nothing is too extra when it comes to your pets. During the review process, the PluffToe stood out to us because of its adorable, fluffy design. We were completely sold when we learned how it enables pets to endure less pressure on their joints when making their steps. 

The PluffToe is made for both dogs and cats who had to jump and leap great heights just to get on and off their favorite places. We love how the PluffToe is designed with a height high enough to assist dogs and cats to climb up tables, couches, beds, and seats. 

We love how the PluffToe can also double as a spot where pets can rest. The fluffy flannel material is soft and comfy on the skin – you might be surprised to see your pets using this dog ramp as a pillow. 

The PluffToe cushions every step your pet will take. The soft material lessens the impact of each step on the joints. This feature of the dog ramp makes it ideal for pets who might be sporting an injury, or elderly dogs and cats who might need extra assistance when going to higher spots. 

Best Picks For

  • Both dogs and cats. 
  • Pet owners who love fluffy things for their pets. 
  • Dogs who are injured, or who have joint issues. 
  • Those who are looking for dog ramps for indoor use. 

Key Features




Why We Love It

Training your dogs to love the stairs? Do you want to help your dogs navigate higher spaces without scaring them? Our top pick is the ArbiSteps accordion foldable dog ramp. 

Designed like actual steps of the stairs, the ArbiSteps assists dogs in navigating taller, higher spaces with bite-sized, easy-to-take steps. 

We love how this accordion dog ramp is versatile – with a height ideal for up to 30 inches, you can use it to help dogs access cars, seats, couches, beds, and even their favorite hang-out spot (granted that it’s also in higher areas). 

The ArbiSteps can hold up dogs that are up to 120lbs heavier – your Mastifs, St. Bernards, and Great Danes can use this without having any trouble. Even heavy, elderly dogs who need small, easy to manage steps, will find it easier to walk on this ramp. 

This dog ramp also includes very solid railings that steadily hold the ramps while your dog is walking on them. You won’t have to worry about the ramp and your dog accidentally falling over. 

Another plus for ArbiSteps: it’s foldable and it only weighs 10 lbs! It’s a breeze to bring during travels, excursions, camping, and long roadtrips. The accordion design makes the ArbiSteps foldable. We love how this dog ramp is space-saving, handy, and designed to make dogs of all sizes navigate higher spaces easily. 

Best Picks For

  • Traveling pets and pet owners. 
  • Pet owners looking for dog ramps designed like actual stairs. 
  • Those looking for dog ramps with steps manageable for dogs of all sizes. 
  • Those looking for foldable, lightweight dog ramps. 

Key Features



"Very Good"


Just like us, our pets are also susceptible to all sorts of pain. Most of the ouchies they are feeling when they’re older is a product of small, seemingly insignificant injuries that have accumulated over the years. If you’re an owner of young, active pets, you can prevent them from enduring bad joint pains in the future with a dog ramp. If your pet has joint issues, you can help alleviate the pain with a dog ramp designed to make every step more comfortable. 

Whether you have young or elderly dogs, getting a dog ramp can make life a little easier and safer for them! 

Don’t lose so much time scrolling endlessly for the best dog ramps to buy in 2022. In our expert-reviewed recommendations above, you can trust!