Dog Leash and Harness Review:Best Dog Harness to Buy in 2022

Emily Johnson, Contributor Updated: Mar 17th 2022

One of the dog care essentials that first time dog owners always includes a dog leash. A great dog leash does not only come in handy when you need to keep your dogs safe. Having a dog leash can also help dog trainers and owners train and educate their dogs well. If you have a dog, choosing a reliable dog harness is one of the secrets to a happy pet-owner relationship.

Choosing a dog leash should not be done just by jumping into an online store and buying the first leash you put your eyes on. Since safety is the main priority of having a leash, you need to choose a good product that will keep your dogs protected while you take walks without making them feel uncomfortable.

As dog owners ourselves, we decided to make a little experiment by asking trusted recommendations from veterinarians, dog trainers, and pet owners on the best dog leases to buy in 2022.

From the most comfortable dog leashes, to the most sturdy leashes that can stand even the most rowdy of dogs, here are our recommended, top 4 best harness for dogs!

Are you a furparent of a big, active dog? Well, you probably know the struggle of taking them out for walks. They can be very hyperactive, rowdy, and hard to control. Sometimes you worry if their leash can actually hold them up. You could actually be looking for the most durable dog harness right now.

We got you covered. One of the top picks in our list is the TactiPull – made specifically for big, active dogs.

The TactiPull features a strong, sturdy stitching that can hold up even with very active movements. Made from heavy duty nylon and polyester material that enables you to walk with confidence that your dog won’t tear up his harness and leash.

The TactiPulle comes with a Molle System Technology that makes it a versatile dog harness that can be used when going on walks, hikes, camping, and running.

The harness also includes a reflector to keep your dog visible even if it’s dark.

This dog harness is ideal for dogs with weight ranging from 8 kilograms to 18 kilograms.

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Most of the dog harness we have encountered check all the boxes – except for breathability. If your dog has sensitive skin, you can’t afford to buy just any dog harness; choose the wrong one and your dog can have irritated skin.

The CocoLeash is made exactly for dogs with sensitive skin. The harness comes with a breathable mesh material that allows better air circulation to allow your dog’s skin to breathe; preventing harsh effects.

This beautiful dog harness comes in multiple colors. Choose from different shades and hues that fit your dog’s style.

This harness also comes with adjustable straps that help you achieve that great, secured fit for your pet.

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned about small dogs – they are relentless when it comes to exploring the outdoors. They’re fast, and they’re really hard to catch. That is why having a dog harness is important if you own a small dog.

However, not all vests for dogs sold in the market are ideal for small dogs. If you own a toy or teacup dog, the best option is the HappyWalks dog harness for small dogs.

The HappyWalks focuses on three factors: comfort, fit, and safety. It is made to ideally fit smaller size dogs. It comes with a sturdy handle, and a D-ring to keep pressure off the dog’s neck.

The HappyWalks also include a reflector to help drivers, motorists, and other pet owners see your dog while you’re walking outdoors.

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Walking your dog for the first time can be quite intimidating. For sure, there will be so many what if’s running in your mind. You’re probably worrying about your dog running off the other side of the street, or your dog getting choked up by their leash. We have a favorite that will surely put these worries to rest – the DoDoPull dog harness.

The DodoPull is designed to feature a soft, ultra-comfortable harness for your little furbabies. It fits very securely to your dogs, without compromising their comfort. The harness comes with a no-pull technology which transfers the pressure off your dog’s neck to its chest, making the pulling action safer.

The design also comes with a reflector so that your dog remains visible no matter where you are.

Best of all – it has a breathable mesh material that prevents your dog from having irritated skin.

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Dogs are special, and they deserve special protection. Keep your dogs safe, protected, and under your keen care with these special dog harnesses.

Each product stood out after we asked recommendations, scoured through the reviews, and personally interviewed pet owners. This is to make sure the products we put out here were truly used, ranked, rated, and recommended.

If you’re looking for an extra way to keep your dogs safe while you hike, run, camp, and walk outdoors, choose a great dog harness and leash. You can pick out one from our highly recommended dog leashes and harness above.