4 Best Wireless Electric Dog Fences for Your Fur Baby

Emily Johnson Updated: Jun 23rd, 2024

If you’re a fur-parent, you probably have a full idea how hard it is to keep your dogs within a safe zone. Dogs ae naturally curious, so it’s inevitable if they show signs that they want to jump in every opportunity to roam around and play non stop! If you have an adventurous pet, but you live in an area where boundaries should be observed due to privacy OR safety, you should surely look into having an invisible fence for dogs.

An invisible fence is a modern and pet-friendly way of keeping your dog within the bounds they are allowed to play in. Unlike traditional dog leashes, invisible dog fences are safe, painless, and more reliable.

If one of your biggest concerns as a fur-parent is having a rowdy, playful dog who loves to jump on the streets, or dig your well-kept garden, it’s high time to invest in an invisible fence for dogs.

We’ve rounded up some of the top invisible fences for pets.

Editor's Pick

WhiskFub combines the safety benefits of a wireless dog fence and the perks of easier training with a remote dog training collar.

The WhiskFub dog fence has a coverage of up to 16 distances. Pet owners like you can customize how big or narrow the coverage area will be. 

This wireless invisible dog fence comes with a 2.4GHz signal that is more reliable, secured and accurate in connection than regular WiFi dog fences. 

With this improved connection, the invisible dog fence can cover from 30 to 800 feet without disrupted signal feeds. 

Whenever dogs are near your hazard spots, they will get a low-static sensation that will signal them to stay off the vicinity. 

The dog fence is supported by a remote dog collar that can also be used for training. The WhiskFub dog collar comes with nine levels of intensity that you can match with your dog’s training levels. 

Pet owners can choose from 3 signal modes – beep, shock, vibrate. Each option is guaranteed safe for your fur pets. 

The collar is adjustable, so it can easily fit in dogs of every size. The rubber material is high quality to prevent cuts and blisters on your dog’s skin. 

The training collar is also waterproof – you can use it in your dogs rain or shine. 

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Editor's Pick

The BuddyGate was a standout when we were testing the most pet-friendly invisible fence. The device comes with three function selections, so you will find a stimulus that’s most ideal for your pet. The BuddyGate can give you the ultimate peace of mind a pet-owner.

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When it comes to getting a bang for your buck, the CanineRove is the top choice. The device may be affordable, but it delivers a performance unique to a Smart Training System. If you want the most techy way to train your dog, this is the answer.

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Do you have a larger area for your dogs to run on? Are you worried that the mainstream invisible dog fences won’t work for your larger place? If you are looking for an invisible fence for sprawling lawns and yards, we recommend the BoundaNyn.

BoundaNyn comes with a device that could cover an area as wide as 5000 square feet – yes, as big as a football field! You can set boundaries without restricting your dogs. This device doesn’t call for permanent fences that cost a grand!

We love how unrestrictive BoundaNyn is! The device only includes a collar with a hypersensitive sensor that efficiently picks up signals from the fences. You won’t have to worry about your dogs not getting warned when running into dangerous zones.

The BoundaNyn is customizable – even if it can cater to larger size, it’s also perfect for smaller yards and lawns.

We are also impressed with its safety features. Dog owners will never go blindsided. The device will send warnings when the wires on the device gets funky and messed up, and if the invisible fences run into issues – no more worrying about your dog running into hazardous areas!

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How We Decided

We know that dogs are free-spirited – they love to play and don’t want to be tied in a leash. We believe in letting pets run free. One of the things we also know is this – dogs can be hard to control when it comes to play. This is why we gathered some of the best products for dog fences in the market – to give fur-parents the peace of mind, and fur babies to have the freedom to run with all their heart!

What is a Wireless Dog Fence and Why Do You Need One

The first question we need to answer is this: what in the world is an invisible dog fence, and do they really do their job?

A wireless dog fence is an easy and safe way of keeping dogs within bounds. The wireless dog fence comes with a collar which is programmed to send shock signals to dogs when they’re starting to step within the out-boundary-areas.

The invisible dog fence keeps owners from being on the lookout all day. The collar itself will automatically make the dog “feel” if they’re stepping on danger zones. Having a wireless dog fence will allow your pets to run and play as much as they can without overstepping boundaries.

Features You Need to Look for in a Wireless Fence System

An invisible fence system that can work according to the program.

When choosing an invisible fence, choose for a system that can easily be programmed according to your preference for your pets. This allows you to customize the settings according to your pet’s playing habits. When you do this, your pet won’t feel trapped and sad.

A wireless fence that can survive power surges.

Just one glitch in the system can mean life and death for your pet. If your dog is aggressive, they can freely attack those who pass by in your area. It pays to opt for a fence that comes with a backup for power surges.

An invisible fence system with a failure notification system.

You can’t afford to miss just one minute of having a broken invisible fence. You need to go for an invisible fence system that will let you know ASAP when it’s time to check the fences.

Should be easy to set up and easy to maintain.

Installing a wireless system should not take all day! It’s important to invest in an easy system so should there be damages, you can fix it without major help.

Benefits of Invisible Dog Fences

It’s cheaper.

Putting up a typical fence can take up thousands of dollars! Having a wireless fence system can amp up the protection without the high cost!

It’s more discreet

No wooden fence or unsightly dog houses sprawled on your lawns.

It makes your pets happy.

No more restricting leash, and no more boring fences preventing your pets from running free!

Tips For Using an Invisible Fence

Show Your Dog the Boundary

Help your dog know the areas they aren’t allowed in. You can do this by adding flags all around the area, and walking your dog around it.

Teach Your Dog About the Signaling System

Let your dog know what happens when they step on the boundaries. This will help them associate stimuli with boundaries.

Allow Your Dog to Explore the Space

Let your dog discover – on their own – what happens when they reach the out-of-bounds area.

Monitor Your Dog’s Behavior

Check his progress every now and then and decide what else you can do to improve their behavior towards the fence.

The PawsUp Promise

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