3 Best Dog Backpacks for Hiking Enthusiast Pet Owners

Emily Johnson, Contributor Updated: Feb 8th, 2022

Going out exploring the wilderness with your dog is one of the best experiences that every pet owner loves to keep coming back. But, here’s the tricky part: squeezing your dog’s travel essentials in your “already crammed” backpack. So to limit your carry load and to train your dog about companionship, you’re searching for the best dog backpack that fits you and your dog’s needs. However, with all the options available, it can be challenging to know which one to choose. 

Hence, to help ease your frustrations, we’ve scoured the internet and talked with hyperenthusiastic reviewers to determine the best products to buy in this category. And after days of testing and researching, we’ve come down to just 3 dog backpacks to recommend. Mind you, these products may come as a surprise. 

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Here’s a dog backpack that is designed for long hikes. The OutLeash is a lightweight, custom-fit backpack that will fit your dog’s level of comfort and energy outdoors. It comes with 3 adjustable and detachable pockets with a tear-resistant finish that can efficiently store all your dog’s necessities in one go.

What’s impressive about the OutLeash is not only its lightweight, breathable, and military-grade 600-D nylon material but also its strap structure. The chest strap goes mid-way down to eliminate excessive rubbing on your dog’s fur. That means no chaffing, bruises, or other injuries, no matter how active your dog is in the outdoors.

Another thing that made pet owners fall in love with the OutLeash is its total load capacity. This dog backpack can carry up to 14oz of weight for its style and design type, which is higher than most backpacks available today. Furthermore, it comes with 2 MOLLE system side straps for better customization and attachment, giving your dog more leverage in carrying items.

The OutLeash is designed to power companionship with your dog outdoors. It’s packed with all the right features to train your dog with responsibilities safely and comfortably.

Community Review

For a hiking enthusiast like me, there’s nothing more fulfilling than taking my dog in every adventure. However, the last time we went on a trip, he experienced severe chaffing caused by that backpack I got from Amazon. And since then, I’ve been cautious when it comes to taking my dog outdoors. But a friend of mine recommended this backpack and assured me that it’s safe and comfier. So we gave it a try, and to my surprise, it did work! Since using this OutLeash pack, we never have to deal with chaffing or bruises on his chest area. It’s amazing. Plus, it has enough space to carry all his dog essentials. I highly recommend.

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For those quick getaways and everyday errands with your dog, the Japy-Packs is the PERFECT saddle-bag style to enable them to carry their essentials such as food, water, treats, and even disposable poop bags. It comes with 2 expandable, lightweight pockets to efficiently store all your dog’s items without causing any discomfort.

The Japy-Packs is both a harness and a dog backpack, making it a suitable starter pack for your dog to get used to before moving to the heavy-duty ones. The design is made sure to deliver the lightest and softest wear possible, so your dog will feel extremely comfortable and safe to avoid traumas. It even comes with a reflective design for extra visibility in dark places.

Overall, the Japy-Packs is an excellent choice to get your dog acquainted with wearing gears. It’s durable, safe, and comfortable, no matter what activity you have planned for the day.

Community Review

My dog Bernie absolutely loves this Japy-Packs! We’ve tried different brands and styles before, but nothing was as good as this one. He never bites it or throws tantrums that he hates wearing the bag. He just let us strap this bag on him, then do his zoomies once the door is open.

Mikaela, California

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If you’re looking for a heavy-duty dog backpack, then look no further than the DodoSack. That’s because the DodoSack champions 3 things: improved fitting, packing stability, and overall performance that could make carrying a breeze for your dog. 

The Dodosack’s lightweight material and streamlined design enable your dog to carry more comfortably without causing chaffing or injuries. It even features a passive compression system and forward-weight saddle design that adjusts and stabilizes the backpack’s contents to create a more balanced load transport. That means, no matter what you put on your dog’s pack, the DodoSack ensures the smoothest and lightweight carry possible. 

Another great feature of the DodoSack is its clip-on design and reinforced strap attachment. Unlike other backpacks, the DodoSack ensures the bag stays comfortable and steady to prevent unnecessary wiggling and rubbing that could cause injuries. It’s not harsh on the back and sides of your dog, too, since the fabric is exceptionally breathable, regardless of the weather conditions.

All in all, the DodoSack is your ultimate backpack for all things hiking. More space, more items to store, but more comfortable than typical saddlebag designs dog backpacks on the market today.

Community Review

There’s nothing like the DodoSack, and our experience proves this. We’ve been using one of those famous dog backpack brands, but it could barely sustain our travel. It either lay on the side or fits uncomfortably, causing our dog to lose balance sometimes. The DodoSack, however, doesn’t. It’s streamlined, and the items inside are stabilized to ensure it doesn’t hang all the weight on one side. And most importantly, we noticed that our dog feels more comfortable wearing it. Regardless of how much he moves, the contents inside are safe. 10 stars for this backpack!

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Dog backpacks are excellent gears to ensure great travels and to train your dog about responsibility. They say, when your dog feels that he plays a crucial role in your adventures, they’re most likely to behave better. But that doesn’t mean you can choose whatever backpack you fancy. So to guarantee the best experience every time you travel with your dog, comfort is essential. Go with products that not only create better stabilization but also establish a comfortable fit. That way, your dog won’t build up some trauma while wearing these gears. Nonetheless, the products we’ve highlighted on this list have been tested and proven by owners and experts to ensure safety and comfortability.