Pet Lovers And Experts Have Ranked Their Top 4 Most Comfortable Dog Blankets This 2022.

Emily Johnson, Editor

Every dedicated fur parent knows the value of a quality dog blanket, as an accessory meant to keep your furry friends warm and comfy year round, while also giving you the peace of mind that their next spill, mess, or inevitable shedding won’t damage your furniture. Still, this 2022, our experts found that dog blankets are being taken to the next level, in terms of multifunctional designs, stylishness, and available sizes to suit all breeds – as well as other pets. Here’s how they came up with the list.


First, multifunctionality. While warmth is crucial for dog blankets, other more unique, multifunctional varieties are popping up this 2022, with additional headrests, anti-slip fabrics, improved resistance to spills, fluffed up padding for better comfort, and more. 

Second, stylishness. Instagram-friendly designs are coming into the fore, giving your dog blanket a fashionable, premium look that can also complement your home interiors. Seems like plain old doggy blankets just won’t cut it for the discerning fur parents of today!

Third, size ranges to suit all breeds. Dog blankets ideally come in all sizes to accommodate all breeds, though some designs are often reserved for smaller dogs.

Now, take a look at the best dog blankets you could get this 2022!

It’s a fact of life. When you’re cleaning up after shedding, replacing chewed up household items, and wiping spilled liquids, you’re simply doing your labor of love as a dedicated dog parent. But if you want to minimize this hassle, while making your beloved pup more comfortable yet fashionable all the same, then our experts believe the ScandiPet Waterproof Throw Dog Blanket is for you. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or scorching hot, you can keep your pooch pampered and looking oh so Instagram-worthy all year round on this dog blanket, which is inspired by the refined minimalist aesthetics of Scandinavian design. Add a little Copenhagen chic to your dog’s lifestyle with its fuzzy faux fur style, which comes in gray and dark grey to make it compatible for any home, apartment, or car interior. Our experts ranked this on our list, considering the dog blanket’s fabulous and functional design, but also limited unique features.

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If you’re looking for more than just a regular dog blanket with fun patterns, and want something that’s as fashionable as your home interiors, you might wanna take a look at the GlamourPup Premium Waterproof Dog Blanket. Our pet parents and our resident experts just love its selection of chic shades to complement your bedroom, living room, or car seats. Just choose from Off-White, or Light Gray, and you’ve got a happier (and more glamorous looking) fur friend ready to snuggle up after a long day of playtime and belly rubs! It’s more than just good looks too, as the GlamourPup Premium Waterproof Dog Blanket is also designed to keep out scratches, spills, dirt, pet hair, other messes as well thanks to its functional fabric that prevents any liquid from seeping out. We’ve ranked this one in our list definitely due to its fabulous aesthetic!

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We all love our pets, and know that they always deserve to be treated like the furry royalty they are. But are all dog blankets really fit for a king or queen? This is why not every dog blanket will do, as you know that some shed or get damaged right away when it gets through the washing machine or gets inevitably chewed on by our beloved pets. Now, when our experts found out about the FurryLuminary Sofa and Dog Blanket, they were eager to test and try it right away. The verdict? It’s a home run for pet parents everywhere as this blanket also comes with a comfortable headrest to keep their spines at ease while resting. Just imagine a little pup or kitten sleeping in their mother’s arms. And, with its orthopedic support foam, your pets will also feel a positive change in their joints, stimulating them to be stronger and more active. Our experts ranked this third as while we do think it’s excellently designed, the FurryLuminary Sofa And Dog Blanket also only comes in two sizes, XS and S, so you might want to reserve this one for smaller breeds.

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You’ll definitely fall in love with the AdoraBelles’ Fleece Cat N’ Dog Blanket with its simply adorable designs perfect for showing off your furry friends on Instagram. While you take your photos and videos with them on this #aesthetic blankie and slowly turn them into the next viral sensation, your pets will simply love laying down on its soft coral velvet fabric, which is made out of more breathable fleece so they get a good night’s rest all the time. Plus, you’ll find that its designs can suit any pet you have, as it comes in 3 different patterns: Coffee With Footprint Patterns, Blue With Stars, and Pink With Stars. More than just that, no matter if you’ve got an adorable teacup Maltese, a full grown British Shorthair, or massive Siberian Husky, this blanket can accommodate pets big and small, as it’s available from sizes 1 to 7. Hence, our experts think the AdoraBelles’ Fleece Cat and Dog Blanket is the best pet blanket you could get in 2022!

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Dog blankets may primarily be functional, doing their job in keeping our beloved pooches warm and comfy, while preventing more messes at home, but with the emergence of newer and more aesthetically appealing designs, our experts are seeing that brands are actually raising the bar. With a top dog blanket in 2022, not only can you keep your pets comfortable and cozy, but also healthier (and even more stylish) in the long run. Now, shop these expert-recommended cat and dog blankets NOW, and finally give your fur friend the fabulous pampering they need while dedicated pet parents you feel at ease!