Best Dog Sweaters Review: The Top 4 Best Dog Coats for Winter

Emily Johnson, Contributor Updated: Feb 8th, 2022

Colder days are coming, and you’re probably already scrambling for the best dog sweaters to buy for the winter season. You’ve probably made a lot of stops on different online stores, and spent hours checking every single product you fancy. 

We understand that when it comes to your pet, you don’t want to settle for less. And we also get how exhausting it could be – endlessly looking for that sweater that will give your furbaby the protection and comfort they need for colder days. 

As pet owners ourselves, we want to help our fellow furparents save time scouring the internet, and avoid dodgy products! 

Together with a team of pet care experts, we went full on with reviewing the most popular sweaters in the market. We tested and tried each recommendation to make sure whatever we recommend here is worth your trust and money. 

But first, how did we decide? 

Choosing the best dog coats isn’t easy. We were careful and meticulous when picking out the products. This is why we made sure we ask the expertise of pet care experts to help us narrow down our choices. 

For more than 2 weeks, we asked each member of our review team to put the dog sweaters to the test. After observing all the best selling dog sweaters in the market, we were able to glean the top 4 qualities you should look for when you’re buying dog sweaters. 

First, the material should be comfortable. 

Unlike us, dogs might feel too uncomfy when they have too wear coats that are too heavy for them. Look for sweaters made from wool, fleece, and knitted material to ensure they get the best comfort. 

The coats should offer the right fit. 

To ensure that your dogs feel snug and well enveloped in warmth and comfort, a right size is necessary. 

The material should protect your dogs from the cold of winter. 

The coat should include materials such as wool, fleece, or yarn to really protect your pet from the tough cold breeze. 

It should be easy to clean and maintain. 

Since most coats are a little high maintenance, you can opt for coats that are dirt and moisture resistant, and machine-washable qualities. 

Out of all the products we have reviewed, these are the top 4 products that stood out. 

Fur parents of big dogs, we hear you. We understand how a struggle it is to find the best coats for bigger dogs! This is why we were so thrilled when we found the SnugBug – it offers a great selection for significantly larger dogs. 

Made from warm fleece material, this coat feels like your dog’s second fur. It’s comfortable, cozy,  but not too heavy and restrictive. 

The SnugBug comes with adorable designs that are winter-appropriate. If you love cute coats on your dogs, this is a must. 

The design of the SnugBug includes a turtleneck design which ensures your dog will have a full coverage when it comes to getting warmth from the jacket. 

The dog sweater is washing machine compatible. You can confidently wash the coat using the machine without worrying that it will lose its quality. 

What we love about the SnugBug is its inclusive design on sizes. Big dogs now have their own sweaters! The SnugBug can accommodate sizes up to large! Great for bigger dog breeds. 

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Editor's Pick




Are you looking for a dog sweater that can double up as a fashionable coat for your dog? When it comes to warming quality and style, we recommend the PuppoWrap. 

The PuppoWrap’s design is just excellent in giving full, warm comfort for your tiny dogs. Even the design is inspired by hooman sweaters! It’s like giving your dog a warm hug every time. 

We love the soft wool material of the PuppoWrap – it’s cozy, comfy, but not too heavy for small dogs! 

The fashionable designs of the PuppoWrap are perfect for dogs with pet owners who love to dress them up. Yes, you can strut your pet during winter without compromising their safety and health. 

The PuppoWrap dog sweater is perfect for small dogs like chihuahuas, teacup pups, shi tzus, and poodles. 

This sweater is a cozy choice that won’t make your dog look and feel bulky. 

This best-selling dog sweater for dogs is a topnotch gift for furparents and furbabies. 

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When we reviewed the CoodulCub, we couldn’t help but think that this is the sweater for dogs who want to be fashionable and comfortable during the winter. If you and your dogs love the outdoors, you need to check out the CoodulCub. 

You see, CoodulCub is a classy, elegant dog sweater. With an impressive knitted pattern, the sweater looks winter-appropriate. It comes with various popping colors that you can choose from. 

The CoodulCub is ideal for small and medium-sized dogs. The knitted pattern ensures that the sweater is cold-proof. Our reviewers noted that with the CoodulCub on, their pets never felt a dash of cold. 

We have to mention its impressive fleece quality – it’s lightweight, but is not too heavy for small and medium-sized dogs. 

The sweater is also dirt and moisture resistant. You won’t have to struggle when it comes to cleaning! The CuddolCub is machine-washable, too. 

If you’re looking for a fashionable but low maintenance dog sweater, the CuddolCub is a product that will impress you. 

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"Very Good"

Here’s the thing about winter – dogs love them, but the streets can be uber dangerous for them. If you’re looking for a way to make winter bearable and safer for your dogs – especially when you go outdoors – the FleevoPaw tops our list. 

The first thing that really caught our attention when reviewing the FleevoPaw is its leash attachment. You can attach the leash and have better peace of mind that despite the quirkiness of your dog, they won’t run beyond the safety of your control. 

FleevoPaw is an easy to use, no-frills sweater that delivers topnotch warmth for your dogs. We discovered that the unique design of the FleevoPaw leaves no spot for cold to come in! If you want to keep your dog warm and toasty even while you walk the blocks outdoors, the FleevoPaw is a recommended choice. 

The dog coat is also made from 100% polyester which provides warmth without the discomfort. The material perpetually brings warm air in so your dog would always feel comfortable even in colder weather. 

The sweater also looks like a cozy human coat, so it will absolutely look cute on your furbabies! 

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The benefits of dog sweaters go beyond the aesthetic. With a high-quality dog coat on, you can keep your dogs cute, safe, and healthy enough to enjoy the wonderful winter days. 

We know you only want the best for your puppos. You can trust that the products we present here are trusted, tried, and raved about by actual pet owners and expert pet care people. Only for the best for our furbabies!