Top 3 Heated Cat Beds That Best Warm Up Cats (And Dogs!) During the Colder Days

Emily Johnson, Contributor Updated: Jan 8th, 2023

Your cat has been showing signs of uneasiness, discomfort, and irritability the moment the weather turned cold. You know very well what the solution is: a heated cat bed. 

But with so many heated cat beds on the market, you’re no longer sure which one you should be getting. If you’re wondering which among hundreds of cat beds you should put your money on, you have come to the right place.

In this review, we teamed up with pet owners to identify the best heated cat beds that your furbaby deserves. 

What to Look for in a Heated Cat Bed

During our review, we were able to find out four of the essential factors that cat owners should not miss when going for a heated cat bed. 

If you’re looking for cat bed with heater that’s worth your money, here are some of the features to look for. 

#1 Temperature Capacity

The heated cat bed should be able to provide an adequate amount of heat for your pets, especially when the temperatures are dropping. We recommend going for a heated cat bed with 25-degrees C as a starting temperature and 45-degrees C as the highest. 

#2 Comfort Features

The bed should allow your pet to enjoy their favorite positions without any discomfort. Also look for materials that do not produce static. 

#3 Safety

Since heat is involved with these cat bed with heaters, we recommend that you look into a heat protection layers or overheating controls to prevent hurting your pet. 

#4 Longevity

Your heated pet bed of choice should be able to provide toasty warmth to your pets for a long time. 

Out of all the heated cat beds we reviewed, these are the top 3 products that stood out. 

The FluffMuff tops our list as the heated cat bed that checks all the boxes of our must-have features. 

This cat bed with heater comes with a powerful heating device that distributes a total of 28-degrees C on the entire bed. The heat is lingering, making this bed more capable of warming your pet up for a longer time. 

The bed comes in a donut shape – the cats that tried the FluffMuff settled in immediately because they were super comfy! 

The cotton and plush materials definitely add a soothing effect. What we love about the material used for the FluffMuff is that they don’t produce static sensations that are quite uncomfortable for cats. 

The FluffMuff also includes a thick heat protection layer to prevent your cats from getting burns. 

What also made FluffMuff a top choice among pet owners is its overall design. The snug design makes it a perfect pick for cats who are struggling with cold pains like muscle and joints strains, and emotional challenges like anxiety and stress. 

The FluffMuff is removable and washable – keeping this heated cat bed clean and maintained is easy to do. 

This heated cat bed is also ideal for dogs! 

Key Features

Editor's Pick




If you are looking for a heated pad that your pet can casually lounge on anytime, our top recommendation is the HuggoMat.

Unlike other heated cat beds, the HuggoMat takes the shape of a regular mat for pets who prefer to choose flat mats over fluffy beds.

The HuggoMat is made of seven layers. On the top and bottom of the mat is a layer of waterproof oxford and PVC material. In the middle are layers of heavy-duty accupuncture cotton to protect cats from getting burned. In the middle are heating wires that distribute heat evenly.

The temperature for this heated pad is adjustable — you can choose from high and low. The lowest setting is at 30-degrees C and the highest is around 50-degrees C.

One of the top features of the HuggoMat is its fast heating feature. The mat immediately heats up in just 30 seconds.

The surface of the HuggoMat is fur-friendly — no static or irritating sensation that you should be worried about.

The HuggoMat is made for safety. Apart from the layers that protect your pets from burns, this product also comes with a chew resistant cord that prevents your pet from getting electrocuted.

Indeed, a great choice for the winter.

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"Very Good"

For the fur parents out there looking for a heated cat bed that brings safe warmth all over, our top recommendation is the CubbyCub.

The CubbyCub heated cat bed comes with three temperature gears that can emit heat up to 45-degrees C.

Low setting is at 30-45 degrees C, mid setting at 35-40 degrees C, and the high setting at 40-45 degrees C.

Timer can be adjusted in one hour, two hours, and five hours. We love how the comforting heat still lingers even after the heated cat bed is turned off.

There’s a protective layer that prevents overheating and burning your cats – and we consider it a big bonus because we know how pet parents are big on safety.

We also love the short flannel fiber for the bed’s surface. The fabric adds to the warmth and it doesn’t come with the classic “cold static” sensation that might cause discomfort to your cat.

The CubbyCub now comes in a circular design. The heating points are now evenly distributed so your cat can enjoy a whole-body warmth.

This cat bed can also be used as a sleeping bag for dogs, and puppies.

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"Very Great"


Giving your cat that extra protection from the cold can make a huge difference in the overall winter health and activity of your beloved pets. Instead of gathering layers of fabric and risking cold-induced pains and health issues, switch to heated cat beds and pads guaranteed to provide the warmth your cats need. 

Check out our recommendations above for the best heated beds for cats that pet owners love and trust.